The ApexQubit team is made up of seasoned scientists and engineers with experience building innovating companies that drive value and change the face of technology.



Denis Farnosov is a serial entrepreneur with more than
10 years of experience in leading IT and scientific teams across sectors. He is a lifelong learner with passion for Technology and Science. Denis was awarded a Master's degree in Management and Economics and has a diploma with honors.

Denis Farnosov

CEO & Founder


Nihil Khaine is a researcher
and entrepreneur from soviet mathematical school with 7 years spent in intelligence research seeking for humanity-scale challenges with focus on Reinforcement Learning, Quantum Computing and Systems Biology. He holds a triplet of Computer Science merged with Physics and Biology.

Nihil Khaine

CTO & Co-Founder


Dr Zhiyong Zhang is a Computational Scientist and Researcher with a deep expertise in Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, High Performance Computing, and Quantum Chemistry. Zhiyong was awarded a PhD degree in Chemical Physics from Ohio State University, he is also Master of Computer Science and Computational Chemistry.

Dr Zhiyong Zhang, PhD

CSO, Computer Science


Dr Zhonghua Wang is a Scientist with more than 10 years of experience and research interests in non-coding RNAs and protein-RNA interactions, Oncology and Virology. Zhonghua was awarded a PHD degree in Cell Biology and Biophysics and has two pending patents. Ex Professor at University of Texas Health Science Center, ex Senior Scientist at RNA Medicine Company.

Dr Tom Wang, PhD

CSO, RNA Biology


Peter Lin is a Software Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence. Peter has a Master's degree in Data Science. 5 years of experience in the primary healthcare setting exposed him to the challenges of adapting AI in businesses. Peter's goal is to solve real-world AI problems with various techniques. Ultimately, improve people's quality of life.

Peter Lin



Dmitriy Chernyshov is a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Researcher, mentor, and university lecturer. Dmitriy has a wide-spread experience in  Deep Learning with emphasis  on Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, and Natural Language Processing techniques. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Dmitriy Chernyshov



Egor is a Machine Learning Research Engineer.
Expert in Deep learning,
Generative adversarial
networks (GANs), Image
processing, Graph based
neural networks,
Transformer networks, 3D
data processing. Egor holds a Master's degree in Mathematics

Egor Beliaev



Alexander Song Ahn is Quantum Engineer, Mathematician, Researcher, and Tutor. Alexander was awarded a Master's degree in Mathematics with a thesis on Quantum Search Algorithms on Random Graphs. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Biology pursuing an interest in the mathematical models of ecosystems.

Alexander Song Ahn



Olga Okrut is a Quantum Software Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and Teacher. Olga has a Bachelor degree in Physics with interests in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Her personal projects include a realization of a Quantum Circuit Simulator with implementation of Quantum Fourier Transform, and the Deutsch algorithm.

Olga Okrut



Dr Michael Reddick is a Chemical Engineer with extensive research experience in cell, molecular, and stem cell biology, biophysics, optical microscopy, and image analysis. His interests include application of Deep Learning to solve challenging problems in Biology and Healthcare. Michael was awarded a PhD degree from Stanford University.

Dr Michael Reddick, PhD



Daniel Lin is a Scientist with more than 5 years of experience in biotechnology. He has demonstrated proficiency in
molecular biology, drug
discovery and data
science/machine learning. Daniel holds a Bachelor degree in cell biology.

Daniel Lin



Kyle Henke is a Researcher in the fields of Artificial General
Intelligence, Machine
Learning, Neuroscience, Quantum and Neuromorphic
Computing. Research
Assistant at Los Alamos
National Laboratory. Kyle holds a Master's degree in Applied
Mathematics & Statistics.

Kyle Garde Henke



Maggie Li is a Quantum Machine Learning Engineer with interests in the intersection of quantum computing and biology. Her past research projects include agent based modelling and variational quantum algorithms.

Maggie Li



Junde Li is a Quantum Machine Learning Engineer with research interests in hybrid quantum classical machine learning and optimization. Junde is a PhD student of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State

Junde Li




Dr Nick Pullen is a pharmaceutical leader, highly accomplished, enthusiastic, results-oriented drug hunter with 15+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer, Roche, Celgene). Nick was awarded a PhD degree in Biochemistry from University of Southampton and currently serves as Vice President at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Dr Nick Pullen, PhD

Advisory Board Member


Dr Barry Sanders is Director of the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary, Lead Investigator of the Alberta Major Innovation Fund Project. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (U.K.) , the Optical Society of America, the American Physical Society, the Royal Society of Canada, and a Sr. Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

Dr Barry Sanders, PhD

Advisory Board Member


Dr Andris Ambainis is a world recognized Mathematician and Computer Scientist with an extensive contribution to quantum information processing and foundations of quantum mechanics through his work on quantum walks and lower bounds for quantum query complexity. Andris is a winner of the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Dr Andris Ambainis, PhD

Advisory Board Member


Dr Jinbiao Ma is a
Professor at Fudan University,
he is expert in non-coding
RNA, structures of protein machinery involved in nucleic acid modification and editing,
protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions in RNA modification and epigenetics, protein X-ray crystallography.

Dr Jinbiao Ma, PhD

Advisory Board Member