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What  we  Do

We employ gene editing, stem cells, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing for: 

Optimization of

CRISPR-Cas systems

Gene activation and 

repression mode, better ability to avoid an immune response, better gene editing precision

Design of protein- based therapeutics

Generation of new small and mid-size molecules for specific protein-based diseases, their screening and prediction of binding affinity

Engineering of universal immune cells

Design of universal immune cells with adaptable specifity for better tumor penetration and resistance to immune response in solid tumors

FOr  whom

Our solutions empower:


New optimized gene editing tools to cure undruggable single-gene diseases


Automation of the drug design process, common R&D projects

Biotech & pharma companies

Technology for genetically edited clonal universal immune cells 

Recent breakthroughts in gene editing, cell biology, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing unlock an unprecedented potential to our way to cure diseases that are staying undruggable for hundreds of years of an active research. And we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution that is happining now in the medicine."

Denis Farnosov, Founder & CEO of ApexQubit

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