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A  SECOND  Generation  Platform  For  Drug  design

powered by quantum computing and artificial intelligence

What we do

We are developing a Platform for drug design employing quantum computing and artificial intelligence technologies that allows to:

Get more drug leads

that are produced faster

Save 15-20% of income by boosting the drug discovery phase.

Receive the quality of leads that can't be reached by any classical computers

Reduce costs for clinical trials and approval by 2 times.

Launch more effective drugs

with less side effects

Increase income by 10-25% with gaining market share of new drugs and longer time in market.

How it works

Principles of work of our Platform are as follows:


Input Your Data

Input your data into

the platform.

Press "Process"


The platform automatically process the data.

Get Results


Get high-quality drug leads.

The quantum computing technology allows us to solve computational problems that are intractable for classical computers. In particular with a power of quantum computers we are able to unlock the unseen before potential in drugs engineering."

Denis Farnosov, Founder & CEO of ApexQubit

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