Harnessing  frontier  technologies  for  better  health  for  humanity

What  we  Do

We employ deep learning and quantum machine learning for: 

Binding site prediction

Identification of protein interaction sites

Generation of molecules

Generation of novel and drug-like molecules

Prediction of
molecular properties

Prediction of protein-ligand binding affinity

FOr  whom & WHY

Our solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to:

Find a drug for

hard targets

New technology to find a drug for conventionally challenging targets

Reduce costs and speed up the process

Automation of the early R&D process reduces time-to-result and expenses

Enlarge the potfolio of diseases

Low-cost drug repurposing and adding new targets

Recent breakthroughs in deep learning and quantum computing unlock an unprecedented potential to our way to cure diseases that are staying undruggable for hundreds of years of an active research. And we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution that is happening now in medicine."

Denis Farnosov, Founder & CEO of ApexQubit

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